Public Private Partnership in an Industrial Training Institute

Success stories that created impact in the last 25 years

The demand for skilled manpower has increased substantially due to rapid economic growth, changes in technology and work process, and globalization of economy. In 2007 there were 1896 Government ITIs in the country. Out of these 500 ITIs are being upgraded into Centres of Excellence under a Scheme started from 2005-06. The Upgradation of the remaining 1396 Government started in 2007-08 through Public Private Partnership. ANM has shared its resources and is now a partner to success of a Women’s Industrial Training Institute in Chhattisgarh.

The objective of the institute is to produce skilled manpower. Institute shall commit to enrich each trainee to achieve all round development. Earlier, the institute name was Woman ITI but now it emerged as a common institute for both the genders.

The role of ANM is to:

  • Management Information System (MIS) & Quality Management System is to be implemented at institute level and documentation preservation.
  • Boost industry linkages.
  • Development of respectable residential facility for the student.
  • Existing Staff development by advance training Recruitment or Contractual of new qualified staff Guest lecturer are to be invited for specific topic.
  • Introducing new trades- Electrician, Mechanic-Industrial Electronic, Mechanic-Computer Hardware and Mechanic Automobile(advanced diesel engines) etc.

Some of the best practices are carried out at the institute:

  • Regular meetings are conducted at the campus for upgrading status of the ITI.
  • Training and FDP for the teachers and PD sessions for the students are organized for career growth.
  • Parents-Teachers meeting, Cultural camps and Performance rewards are regular conducts at the institute.
  • Industrial Exposure is given to students for better employability.