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About ANM Analytics

A blend of qualified and experienced minds working together to make businesses data-centric, profitable and smarter. At ANM Analytics, our vision is to help our clients with their digital journey, solve their complex problems and become their trusted partners.

You need

Power of your data-need for Business Intelligence to find answers to internal challenges that include siloed data and systems, gaps in expertise and skills, as well as inability to react quickly.

Challenges you face

Your Business face challenges from external and global digital companies- stealing your market share, rewriting customer expectation, reinvention of business, models, and continuously changing the rule of the game.

Our Advantages

We help transform-your most complex data into actionable insights to help find answers fast, decision faster with your live data connecting you to the pulse of your business.

What We Do

Better business decisions supported by Insights
More Agile and Intelligent Approach
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Collect Data

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Organizing Data

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Analysing Data

At ANM Analytics

We deliver informed decision across various domains supported by valuable insights across major industries and functional areas using Most Modern Tools of BI, AI and ML.

AI and Analytics
AI and Analytics

Creating reliable AI-driven development processes for businesses across various domains. Integrating machine learning and deep learning techniques, along with adoption of augmented analytics based on client needs.

Intelligent Data Mesh
Intelligent Data Mesh

We help enterprises reap the benefits offered by the connections between expanding sets of people, businesses, devices, content and services, harnessing the upcoming technological opportunities like 5G.


Partners to organizations for the creation of digital twins representing their real-world businesses. Assisting in real-time monitoring and control to achieve maximum efficiency, with the integration of cloud or edge computing.

ANM Consultants
Strategic Consultancy

Partnering with the clients we intend to fully understand the working of their organisation and build a digital and analytical decision support system catering their needs.

Flagship Initiatives

flagship initiatives
CEO Playbook
Health AI
Locational Intelligence
Market Predict
Farm and Development AI
Legal Hand
Customer Analysis

We are

ANM has over 25 years of experience in Business, Technology and Audits. We offer methodologies, training, technology building blocks, and deep industry knowledge for data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We also provide a large scale of services and training across these innovative technologies.

We deliver

We deliver next generation Data analytics, Machine Learning and AI driven solutions Combine data science expertise with practical domain knowledge As an early adopter of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, Transform your knowledge and data into exclusive digital advantage.