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On the flip side, the scope of work of the voluntary sector has also enlarged to include more technical work, thus calling for absorption of technical graduates. But he also points to one niggling factor in the trend: Those NGOs that are in a position to afford competitive remuneration to MBAs do hire their services and it is also true that NGOs are hiring MBAs to inculcate professionalism as it exists in the corporate sector. The recruitment patterns of the voluntary sector have seen a perceptible change in its workforce profile, with more engineering and management graduates opting to work in this sector.

A number of professionals are also on sabbaticals for pro bono work. Even medium-sized companies now want to have a hand in social development, it could be through an employees’ association, helping charity, or starting a school, or hospital or an extension agency for farmers. Remuneration is one area that needs a lot of bolstering in the NGO sector, but there are some who have started giving “good salary to professionals, though not on par with corporate sector.