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We are professionally run organization focused on offering customized Management Solutions to the corporate to bring un-matched value for them. We extend highly specialized services in the field of Quality Management, Internal Audits, Feasibility Studies, Integrated Management Systems, Potential Mapping, Market Surveys, and Media Branding etc. Our inter-alia includes niche, complex and time-bound talent acquisition at all levels, technical, behavioral and cultural trainings, employee retention strategy, employee satisfaction surveys, HR policy drafting and documentation, compensation benchmarking, sharing industry-best practices etc.

We take pride in saying that we are among the fastest growing consulting firms in the central India. Our offices are well equipped and staffed with qualified professionals into HR management and consulting. We have plans that will help us sustain this growth. Our presence is in all the sectors and industries. We ensure delivery of timely & quality services.

In talent acquisition, a fine blend of technology and professional human touch has given us an edge over others where talent and profile matching is left to technology. We have a team that not only brings years of professional and rich experience in varied industries, but are passionate to make hit-her-to impossible things possible for the client. However, words do not have enough strength to reflect our true potential, and though, to get a sneak peek. We are confident of our approach, methodology and professionalism along with commitment towards long-term sustainable relationship that will impress our venture to pave the way for mutually beneficial alliance with our clients. We always say:

"Experience anm services & feel the difference"

Who We Are ?


We are trustworthy

Our consulting firm can offer insight that is accurate, impartial, objective and consistent. We’ve been in the arena for over 25 years. ANM does not sell technology, nor do we implement technology; “Independence is the key to our objectivity”. This means our analysts and consultants are unbiased, providing advice you can trust. Our processes allow us to see market as it pertains to the evolving business landscape. These research methodologies are based on our years of experience observing trends and scientifically mapping technology’s progress against true delivery.

We are experts

At ANM—interpreting information and delivering knowledge with precision. We have the experienced research analysts and consultants from the industry. It’s a global think tank of information technology experts and business strategists who understand how market interacts with business—because they have succeeded before in a wide range of careers. Our analysts and consultants have an average of 40 and 1 years’ experience, respectively, in the industry—empowering a foresight that has earned our reputation as your strategic partner.

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Our mission is to impart vibrant innovative and global management techniques with integrity and to make ANM the world leader in terms of excellence in Professional Management research and to serve the nation in 21st century; to inculcate a global mindset, to move to the next stage, to create importance of Professional and management in all spheres of human endevaour to meet the emerging needs of the industries and development.


To be a permier Management Consultancy firm with commitments to excellence and to endeavor to create new paradigms in management. To seize the opportunities of tomorrow and create a future that will make us a leader in developing and dovetailing creative problem solving, technical and managerial skills to deliver a holistic view and prepare business enterprise for emergent enterprises of the future. We will equip enterprenesurs with strategic to success in a competitive environment.