Climate Study for Academic Excellence in Undergraduate College

Success stories that created impact in the last 25 years

“Organizational Climate studies the employees’ perceptions and perspectives of an organization. The surveys address attitudes and concerns that help the organization work with employees to instill positive changes.”

Employee climate surveys increase productivity. This is necessary during periods of decreased productivity, for organizations with a limited budget, or generally anytime management believes organizational output can and should be improved. Furthermore, if there is a specific reason for low productivity, such as high staff turnover or poor communication, an employee climate survey can help identify possible solutions to these problems.

Survey analysis identifies areas of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction to facilitate management in the creation of greater workplace harmony and, therefore, increased productivity. Conclusions are drawn from the data, and recommendations are made to the management team. Additionally, climate surveys can set benchmarks for future surveys, which will allow more in-depth and time series analysis.
Building up a healthy organizational Climate largely depends upon Management’s perception towards its workforce on one hand and members whole hearted support on the other.

The CLIMATE PYRAMID segregates the organization and its climate in to four parameters namely;

  1. Growth
  2. Teamwork
  3. Individual Contribution, &
  4. Basic needs
Enablers and Barriers are identified on the basis of above four parameters in the institution. Being an Educational Institute whose base stands on Value system, quality deliverable can face such problems but these can be resolved with a clear/transparent policy/roadmap on GROWTH perspective for the team.