Performance Appraisal in an Integrated Steel Plant

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Good performance by the employees creates a culture of excellence, which benefits the organization in the long run. The activity includes evaluation of jobs and people both, career planning and devising methods of employee satisfaction etc. the efforts are to make to generate the individual’s aspirations with the objectives of the organization. Performance appraisal is a systematic means of ensuring that managers and their staff meet regularly to discuss post and present performance issues and to agree what future is appropriate on both sides.
A formal performance review has been done using questionnaire and expert consultation, as it gives an opportunity to get an overall view of job performance and staff development. A systematic and regular joint stocking and planning for the future has been done to not just summarize the past but also to determine future performance of employees.

Performance Appraisal in an Integrated Steel Plant
We strategized to improve the employee engagement in the company. Employee engagement is a partnership between a company and its employees Most organizations today realize that a satisfied employee is not necessarily the best employee in terms of loyalty and productivity. It is only an Engaged Employee who is intellectually and emotionally bound with the organization who feels passionate about its goals and is committed towards its values thus he goes the extra mile beyond the basic job. Employee engagement is a powerful retention strategy. An engaged employee gives his company his 100 percent. When employees are effectively and positively engaged with their organization, they form an emotional connection with the company. Employee engagement is a barometer that determines the association of a person with the organization. It is about creating the passion among associates to do things beyond what is expected from him. The roadmap for the future is drawn by individually discussing on the performance of each and every employee with their HOD and then with top management.

The recommendations of ANM have been given to the management so that there will be proper utilization of manpower, time and resources. Stress was laid on to hammer upon organization- the philosophy of getting it right first time and every time to staff at all levels.