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Management Audit

In the course of time many companies are confronted with the question whether the present management team meets the business requirements of the future and is prepared to successfully manage the challenges of increasing business complexity and competition. Without doubt the top management has been gaining valuable experience as to the performance of the executives of the company over many years.

However, usually there is the distinct in-house and subjective appraisal perception of the individual managers. Furthermore each company has been creating its own specific culture over many years which make judgment sometimes difficult. State-of the- art top executives have realized the relevance of management audits to clearly display the track records of their core team members. The accomplishment of systematic management audits are very often caused by major changes in the businesses.

Management Audit is basically the systematic recognition, analysis and assessment of competencies and the actual behavior of both individual executives as well as complete executive teams particularly with regard to the business’ strategic requirements. The basis of Management Audit is structured interviews and reference checks conducted by external experts like us, to be documented in expert opinions. Management Audits focus on personal attributes and business skills.

Personal attributes can be subdivided into:
Business skills can be subdivided into:

Our Management Audit Team consists of Experienced Consultants which is prerequisite to the success of the process that the consultants involved are industry and management- as well as executive search experienced. We are capable of understanding the client’s business and strategy and have a good view as to the market and competitive scenario. With this approach, we are confident that our Management Audits bring remarkable added value to companies.

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