Our Capabilities

Value is a product of trust. The trust your clients have in you

Value is a product of trust. The trust your clients have in you. The trust you have in your people, strategies and systems. And the trust you have in your business advisors. As the world’s leading professional services firm, we know that value and trust are also the ingredients of a quality relationship – and that they are earned over more than a single engagement.


Our Best Capabilities

management auditing

Management Auditing

We help in systematic recognition, analysis and assessment of competencies and the actual behaviour of both individual executives as well as complete executive teams particularly with regard to the business’ strategic requirements. It is prerequisite to the success of the process that the consultants involved are industry- and management- as well as executive search experienced. They must be capable to understand the client’s business and strategy and the need to have a good view as to the market and competitive scenario. We always believe that it is important to give clients and candidates confidence and trust in process and people. As a result, management audit can provide the impetus for positive change.

Assisting in Organizational Growth

Sustained profitable growth is the goal of nearly every company- but the search for growth has never been more difficult. The quest for growth raises important questions:

  • How do we maximize the growth potential of our current businesses?
  • How can we outgrow our industry and competitors?
  • What growth opportunities in adjacent markets are most attractive?
  • Where are medium-to-long-term growth opportunities likely to emerge—and what do we need to do to capture them?

We have deep experience helping clients achieve and accelerate growth in their core business and beyond. Combining creativity and analytical insight with client engagement, our approach helps clients overcome both external and internal barriers to growth. The growth strategy begins with taking charge of your challenges and devising solutions that comes in the way of growth.

Assisting in Organizational Growth
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Many executives see their organizations’ strategy-development processes as bureaucratic rather than insightful—more focused on the past rather than on developing future competitive advantage. Five questions are at the heart of the dialogue on how to improve the quality of planning:

  • How can we best generate the creative insights that lead to competitive advantage?
  • How do we increase our agility and preparedness in the face of a volatile environment?
  • How do we best translate strategic vision into corporate plans and annual budgets?
  • How can we foster alignment to ensure our strategy is transformed into action?
  • What processes will achieve our objectives most efficiently?

Whether it’s a Strategy for technological growth through 5S, IMS or Lean Manufacturing or People development through individualistic and team development, we play a vital role in updating and preparing our clients for future challenges.

Human Interventions

At ANM we believe that people, working together collaboratively, form the basis of competitive advantage in any organization. With that in mind, we strive to improve employee engagement and company performance in all our work with clients. By focusing on both, companies can achieve real change and sustainable advantage over competitors. This includes:

  • Organizational Structure & Design
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Compensation Management
  • Behavioral & Cultural Studies
  • Leadership, Talent & Coaching
  • Change Management
Human Interventions
Managing Operations

Managing Operations

Today’s fiercely competitive global economy raises the stakes in virtually every industry. To succeed, companies must cut fat and become lean, move faster, and grow more efficient. They must reinforce their core capabilities, find fresh sources of differentiation, and develop the capacity for ongoing change.

  • Cost Efficiency and Asset Optimization : Our approach is to find and implement opportunities to improve cash flow. We help companies release cash from the balance sheet, cut costs from operations, and improve asset effectiveness.
  • Lean : ANM views attaining leanness as a way to deeply transform business competitiveness. Our approach ensures success by integrating four critical areas: business strategy, operational effectiveness, staff engagement, and performance management.
  • Technology & Manufacturing : ANM helps companies build trim, flexible manufacturing networks that can adapt quickly to changing market needs. We focus on reducing costs, increasing capacity by improving efficiency, and helping companies find and leverage capabilities that generate competitive advantage.
  • Supply Chain Management : We work with companies to redesign their supply chains for optimal flexibility and the strategic advantage gained by being able to deliver the right product-at the right time and in the right way-to each customer segment.

Identifying Talent & Recruiting Assistance

The identification and development of high potentials is a cornerstone of the talent strategy of many organizations. As one of our major value adds, ANM prides itself on being able to successfully identify talent to meet the needs of all position description requirements. Real Sourcing refers to the identification and uncovering of candidates through proactive recruiting techniques.

Identifying talent for development requires not only an accurate evaluation of their current performance, but their potential to fulfill the requirements of more demanding positions. It is hard enough for organizations to get a handle on measuring performance, let alone potential. Oftentimes performance and potential are confused, or considered to be one and the same.
We can help you understand the differences between these constructs and recruit best people through head hunt.

Identifying Talent & Recruiting Assistance
Devising Branding Strategy​

Devising Branding Strategy

Companies have an imperative to protect and nurture their brands whether the economy is in trouble or prosperous—but this is a complicated task. Managers examining the role of the branding function today face important questions:

  • What are the key principles and organizational capabilities needed to build a successful, compelling, and valuable brand—one that truly resonates with customers?
  • What brand attributes enable a company to build positioning that is different in the long run from its competitors’ positioning?
  • What is the best approach to building, defining, and managing cohesive brand architecture across multiple brands?

Our experts work with clients to develop branding strategies that combine deep customer insights with rigorous business analytics including market surveys, consumer feedbacks; pre and post launch response etc.