Organization Intervention

Address the OD interventions of an organization

Intervention refers to a set of sequenced, planned actions or events intended to help an organization to increase its effectiveness. OD Interventions purposely disrupt the status quo; they are deliberate attempts to change an organization or sub-unit toward a different and more effective state. Our OD interventions address the following issues in organizations:

Strategic Issues

1. Strategic Issues

Strategic issues refer to major decisions of organizations such as what products or services to offer, which markets to serve, mergers, acquisitions, expansions, etc. OD Interventions aimed at these strategic issues are called strategic interventions and are among the most recent OD interventions and include, integrated strategic change, mergers and acquisitions, trans-organizational development, organizational learning, etc.

Technology and Structure Issues

2. Technology and Structure Issues

These refer to issues relating to how organizations divide their work amongst departments and how they coordinate between departments. They also must make decisions about how to deliver products or services and how to link people to tasks. OD interventions aimed at these issues are called techno-structural interventions and include OD activities relating to organizational design, employee involvement and work design.

Human Resource Issues

3. Human Resource Issues

These issues are concerned with attracting competent people to the organization, setting goals for them, appraising and rewarding their performance, and ensuring that they develop their careers and manage stress. OD techniques aimed at these issues are called human resource management interventions.

Human Process Issues

4. Human Process Issues

These issues have to do with social processes occurring among organization members, such as communication, decision-making, leadership, and group dynamics. OD methods focusing on these kinds of issues are called human process interventions; included among them are some of the most common OD techniques, such as conflict resolution and team building.