Cement / Chemicals

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Responsible for 7-8 percent of global cement production, India is the second largest cement market in the world, and also an exporter to 30 countries. The cement industry in India is divided into five geographical segments, wherein the North and South regions are the leading suppliers of cement.

According to the Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA), cement sales for May 2012 were registered at 16.26 million tonnes (MT), which signifies a 14 percent growth over the same period in 2011. Although India is one of the largest cement markets in the world, its per capita consumption is only around 170 kg, much lower than the global average consumption of about 430 kg thus requiring manpower not just to manage the production capacity but also to meet the need of the market, in terms of reaching the customers and other staff functions of the companies.

Growth potential of the chemicals sector is immense, considering the current low per-capita consumption in the country. It is one of the fastest growing domestic sectors, comprising of both small and large scale enterprises, and is currently in a state of restructuring and consolidation. This movement aims to achieve product innovation, branch building, improved technical services and marketing abilities to stand through global competition.