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Here’s how team ANM creates an impact

Thinking Does Not Create Insight !!

Insight is soul vision. People who are interested in growth, meditation or spirituality often seek insight so that their goals and aspirations can be fulfilled. But seldom do people know how to get those insights. Every new process or birthing in life, which is what creativity really is, requires a focused purpose. There must be a kind of intensity of purpose that you want to pursue or fulfill. We therefore must have some passion about the issue or area of life for which we seek insight. We therefore really care about the issues, and are genuinely interested in it.

Thinking does not create insight. So at this stage we don’t work at thinking to create, but become receptive long enough so that insight can unfold as revelation in the brain. Insight usually occurs when thought is suspended, or at least it pushes thought out of the way. An insight contains a lot of information.


ANM Consultants insight
ANM Consultants insight 3

We at ANM, believe in acquiring sufficient knowledge, skills and materials, and feel very dedicated to the pursuit; the amassed energy of it will begin to take over the goals set forth for our clients and ensure their success.

How does ANM create impact? By working with our clients, our work focuses not only on continually improving sustainability performance, but also on how our clients have progressed over the years, which has created an impact on every single area of our forte. We observe values that are core in our actions thus maintaining trust and confidence of our associates be it clients, institutions, job seekers or business linkages. We tend to create positive impact on environment and society.


Industries We Have Worked In

finance banking

Banks in India are not only strong but are also growing fast...

real estate

The real estate sector in India has come a long way...

FMCG FMCD Logistics

FMCG sector will continue to see growth as it depends on an...

heavy engineering automobile

Automobile industry is one of the key drivers of economic growth...


The education and training sector in India is standing at $600 billion...

cement chemicals

Responsible for 7-8 percent of global cement production...

oil power metal

Power is the one of the most vital inputs to the socio-economic development...

hospitality travel tourism

The Hospitality Industry is a major service sector in the world economy...

media entertainment telecom

The Media & Entertainment Industry in India is expected to reach...

pharmaceuticals healthcare

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare are expected to witness robust...


Retail industry, being the fifth largest in the world, is one of the sunrise sectors...

ngos government

On the flip side, the scope of work of the voluntary sector has also enlarged...

Seeds Agro Biotechnology

The agro industry is regarded as an extended arm of agriculture...

Our Capabilities

“Value is a product of trust. The trust your clients have in you.”

01. Management Auditing

02. Assisting in Organizational Growth

03. Strategic Planning

04. Human Interventions

05. Managing Operations

06. Identifying Talent & Recruiting Assistance

07. Devising Branding Strategy

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Research Articles & Cases

The bottom line is that professional services firms that do systematic, structured research on their target audiences grow faster and are more profitable. In short, research will help you grow your firm. Research is an essential tool for any blossoming or flourishing business. By doing research you are arming yourself with crucial information that will allow you to make informed business decisions. You need to find out about your competition, how successful they are, what they do and don’t offer, how you may be able to fill the gaps in their offering, all to give your business a competitive advantage. However, here are some of the research articles that would help gain an insight into various areas of businesses.