Organizational Health Survey in a Flagship Cement Company

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Organizational Survey helps organizations uncover the “people issues.” By using this people-focused study approach, they can begin to recognize and evaluate the difference between employees’ needs, wants and preferences and what will be required to succeed in the future. Focusing on areas of concern and probing specific areas with validated questions, the Organization Health Survey is designed to assess a variety of common workplace concerns. The result of this assessment is provided to the organization in an OHS Report. Once concerns have been reported they must be communicated to the entire organization, then the organization must work together with employees, to implement positive change.

The following criteria’s are considered under this study:

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Career Development & Advancement
  • Work Environment
  • Communication
  • Employee Recognition
  • Corporate Values
  • Management & Leadership

The study measured the following dimensions-Organizational Values & Practices, Performance Management, Participation/Involvement, Growth Opportunities and Township Living & Welfare facilities. An analysis of the results indicates that all of the variables presented in the Organizational Culture Model have an effect on the degree to which individuals internalize the organizational culture. The study also examined the relationship between the internalization process and work related outcomes including job satisfaction, job commitment, and performance.

Individuals will look to the organization in an attempt to satisfy their intrinsic and extrinsic needs and in the process become aware of the behavioral parameters that are organizationally rewarded. Pay, Respect/Recognition/Morale, Management Practices, Performance appraisal and Welfare facilities, policy, practices, personnel issues & reports and Grievance handling procedure were some areas of concern for the organization. Ideas to improve communication, accountability and work culture were suggested to the management with proper action plan to excel in keeping great health of the organization.