Business Analytics


Never before in history has technology affected more businesses than now. Is your company under threat by changes in technology or disruptive startups?

We at ANM help enterprises understand the impact of change on their bottom line. Will new manufacturing technologies in "Industry 4.0" make your product obsolete? What does the Internet of Things mean for the factory floor? Why is everyone talking about robots and artificial intelligence? What your data is indicating and is it secure? Will your new product be hacked?

ANM pioneers in marketing, industrial and quality analytics – applying optimization techniques to solve enterprise level problems. We have grown significantly and are now recognized management consulting leaders in central India. A key enabler of our services is leveraging data, innovative & design thinking, and advance business analytics in delivering client solutions. The data available about customers are getting richer and the problems that our clients are trying to answer continue to evolve, which includes research the evolving datasets and analytical techniques to develop new offerings/solutions, deliver client impact by collaboratively implementing these solutions and provide thought leadership.

In our endeavour to stay ahead in providing solutions to evolving complex problems, we, have set up an advanced innovation, data analytics and learning lab for SMEs and large enterprises where the team help you –

  • Understand technology
  • Manage Iot, IIoT, Data Analytics and AI challenges
  • Manage change
  • Develop innovative business models
  • Improve B2B2C processes
  • Access new technologies
  • Re-evaluate corporate strategy
  • Transition from OEM / ODM to OBM
  • Forge global partnerships
  • Understand disruption
  • Predict technology pathways
  • What else can we help you with?